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General Manager
Kip Downhour
Phone: 616-842-6330 x10
Fax: 616-842-5320




Customer Service
Nikki Shields
Phone: 616-842-6330 x20
Fax: 616-842-5320


Office Manager
Linda Bailey
Phone: 616-842-6330 x12
Fax: 616-842-5320


Quality Manager
Krista Midkiff
Phone: 616-842-6330 x24
Fax: 616-842-5320


Plant Manager
Tracy Archer
Phone: 616-842-6330 x26
Fax: 616-842-5320 


Shipping Manager
Steve Archer
Phone: 616-842-6330 x17
Fax: 616-842-5320


Techincal Director
Dan Lockard
Phone: 616-842-6330 x11
Fax: 616-842-5320




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